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Coaxial System

On-line the 60/100 Coaxial System's catalogue.

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Coaxial Flue Kit

coassiale_gruppo2The following versions of concentric flue kits are available:


@ with either a 5 or 6 slots stainless steel terminal
@ with plastic terminal (latest design).

The terminal of the stainless steel version is fixed to the inner 60mm tube only by means of rivets, these also secure the plastic air baffle in place.The plastic terminal of the second version  is fixed both to the 60mm and 100mm tubes by means of three plastic brackets, which are slotted into the specific holes in the tubes.


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Extension Kit

co_02_aThe concentric extension kit is used to extend the flue tubes according to the length of the desired installation; its diameter is the same as the concentric flue kit.


Several versions are available: male or female ends, (with O-rings on the 60mm pipe), with flange for vertical direct connection to the boiler outlet, with test points for flue gas analysis.


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Coaxial stub pipes

co_defThe concentric stub pipes are provided with test points so they can be added to the components of a concentric flue system for flue gas analysis.



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Pressed double elbow

co_pressDefThis elbow is made of four aluminium shells assembled together, to give either a 45° or 90° watertight fitting.

90° elbow can be provided with a flange for direct connection to the boiler outlet and with test points for flue gas analysis.

45° elbow is only available without the flange and test points.



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Long-Radius Die-Cast Double Elbows

co_longradiusDefThis elbow consists of 2 die-cast elbows of 60 mm diameter and 100 mm diameter.
The 60 mm elbow is inserted inside the 100 mm elbow and fixed together by means of two screws on the sides.




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Short-Radius Die-Cast Double Elbows

shortradius_defThese elbows have the same manufacturing as the long radius elbows, but they have smaller overall dimensions.






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Telescopic Coaxial flue kit

co_telescopicDefThe terminal section of the telescopic kit can slide inside the pipes that are connected to the boiler so the overall length of the kit can be adjusted without cutting the tubes.


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